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All orders within the EU are shipped by Royal Mail. Once a packet has left the pharmacy and was registered in the Royal Mail system, you will receive an email with information on how the tracking number sent to you. Your order is eg Royal Mail directly to your door or any other address of your choice, such as Her office supplied.

If you upon delivery of your order should not be at home, Royal Mail will attempt to deliver a message about the delivery date and the next will be left. Since delivery, your signature is required, Royal Mail will make up to three attempts to send you the package. Should the delivery of the third attempt fails and you can not be reached by telephone, the packet is sent back to the pharmacy of Hexpress Ltd. If you have any questions regarding delivery, please contact the customer service of Hexpress Ltd. in conjunction.

Should you require a special delivery or pickup in the package at Royal Mail warehouse, you agree most directly with Royal Mail on the hotline 01805 882 663.


Protecting your privacy is very important for Hexpress Ltd. Therefore, Hexpress Ltd. before your order will be assured that your privacy is protected. Your order is safely stored in a cardboard box without marking and additionally protected by a Royal Mail envelope. The packaging of the drug is a standard Royal Mail envelope and has no indication of the sender or the content. The envelope contains only your shipping address and the name of our company Hexpress Ltd. WorldCat is the maximum protection of your privacy is guaranteed.

Trace your

As soon as your package was delivered by Royal Mail to the pharmacy, you will automatically receive an email with the package tracking number (AA000100019GB) sent. This number allows you to track your order. Click on the link Royal Mail shipment tracking and you will come directly to the Royal Mail site. Then enter your package tracking number into the box and click on "Track Item".