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Quit Smoking

Today, smoking is one of the biggest killers in the developed and developing, and the leading cause of death could be avoided if smokers could stop smoking. In UK, 66,000 people die each year because of smoking. Today, there are always more than 14 million smokers in UK. But even small amounts of tobacco smoke is a major health hazard. A smoker of two dies of his smoking, half the age of 65.

The only solution to avoid the worst consequences of smoking is to quit smoking, but it is necessary to get help. Everyone knows that quitting smoking is very difficult, so a doctor is highly recommended to find the best way to achieve this. Smokers wishing to quit smoking often turn to nicotine patches or herbal therapies. But these treatments are almost always ineffective. Despite your motivation if you have not managed to quit smoking, MyHealthCareDoc can provide the answer to your question how to achieve stop smoking?  What you need is professional advice and prescription drugs in order to stop smoking permanently.

Treatment Options

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Manufactured by Champix
Champix 0.5 mg and 1 mg tabletsChampix is a new prescription medication designed to help people quit smoking. Champix will eliminate the feeling of pleasure that you try smoking a cigarette, and ceases to be essential. Quit smoking with Champix is possible thanks to its active ingredient.
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Some additional reasons you decide to quit smoking

Smoking kills five times more people than road accidents, overdoses, poisoning, alcoholism, murder, suicide and AIDS combined. Smoking is responsible for 30% of cancers, 90% of lung cancers, 80% of bronchitis and 17% of fatal cardiac arrest. Smoking is also responsible for many other cancers (throat, bladder, kidney). Associated with alcohol, tobacco can cause cancer of the esophagus, and some research links it to cancer of the uterus. In addition, cigarette smoking is also responsible for the development or aggravation of the following diseases:

  • Impotence and smoking - Smoking can make you impotent and sterile, both for men (inability to achieve erection, reduced sperm count) and for women.
  • Diabetes - Smoking is a serious cause of diabetes because it is directly related to insulin levels.
  • Angina - Smokers are 20 times more likely to have angina than non-smokers.
  • Hypertension - This disease increases the risk of cardiovascular problems, kidney problems or loss of vision.
  • Depression - Because of their addiction, smokers are more likely to suffer.

Passive smoking results from the involuntary inhalation of smoke from burning cigarettes. Passive smoking is equally harmful: smokers who do not want to stop smoking are not only affecting their health, but also that of the surroundings. We even think that the smoke residue left on clothing and furniture are also a danger to the body of non-smokers. Smoking is harmful to those around you, so non-smokers also have a role to play in your decision to quit smoking.

Next budget, the record is not better, at 5 euros per pack of cigarettes, a smoker spends on average 1800 euros per year for his cigarettes ... One more reason to stop smoking. Stopping smoking has become the No. 1 goal for many smokers, and not without reason: a smoker who decides to quit smoking at age 40 saw their life expectancy increase by 9 years. But the last 3 years, only 10% of smokers successfully quit smoking. The medical assistance is essential to successfully pass the course of 12 months. MyHealthCareDoc offers this service and a treatment success rate surprising to stop smoking.

How to stop smoking and to say goodbye?

It's never too late to stop smoking, as soon as you stop smoking, lower your chances of suffering from the diseases mentioned above. Stopping smoking will help you find a healthier, clearer complexion, wrinkles less pronounced, whiter teeth, a softer voice.

But nicotine is a substance that causes a strong dependence for the body, which is why it is so difficult to stop smoking, especially as smokers do not realize that smoking can cause the long-term damage. Thus, the relapse rate is about 60% in three months. There are however several ways to stop smoking.


Withdrawal, also known as "stop franc" is the most dangerous: the smoker sets a date it will stop smoking in a clear, direct and brutal. Solely based on good will, the success rate rises to 5%. This technique can be hazardous since the fall of the level of nicotine in the blood is too sudden. That's why we recommend other techniques to stop smoking.

Replacement therapy for nicotine

It applies patches, gum and lozenges containing nicotine. This contribution of nicotine in the blood replaces the nicotine in cigarettes, which avoids the frustration caused by a withdrawal. But as soon as you stop the patches, the urge to smoke comes inevitably. The chewing gum may even make it dependent...

Prescription treatments for smoking cessation

Zyban is prescribed for 10 years to stop smoking, but is questioned for its potentially dangerous side effects. It has also been formulated to treat depression. Fortunately, there is another prescription drug that will help you for sure quitting. This treatment acts differently and has fewer side effects: the Champix.

Champix is a medication approved for several years in UK to stop smoking. Made by Pfizer, the drug showed an efficiency twice the Zyban. Containing no nicotine, Champix works intelligently by reducing withdrawal symptoms. It is placed on the nicotine receptors in the brain, before the nicotine molecules can not occupy them. With Champix, your urge to smoke goes away gradually.

How to buy Champix online to quit smoking

You can order Champix on MyHealthCareDoc with confidence as our thousands of patients do. Our authentic brand treatments are manufactured by renowned laboratories and sent by registered pharmacies. Fill your medical consultation online in two minutes, our doctor will review your condition and prescribe a prescription. Your package will be delivered within 24 hours by UPS. Quitting smoking is easier with MyHealthCareDoc.