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Priligy Dapoxetine

Priligy is the first oral drug to treat premature ejaculation. This sexual dysfunction may be the cause of stress for men who suffer from it and so far there was no treatment to fight against this problem. With Priligy, there is now a drug approved by health authorities to treat premature ejaculation and have sex better controlled. You can buy Priligy online to find a satisfying sex life with your partner. Men taking Priligy say they improved their sexual performance from 200 to 300%.

What is Priligy?

The active ingredient in Priligy Dapoxetine is a compound that belongs to the class of drugs called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). Priligy was first developed as an antidepressant, and once these are precisely the antidepressants were prescribed for men suffering from premature ejaculation. The strong effects of dapoxetine in premature ejaculation problems led doctors to create this medication only dedicated to the problems of premature ejaculation.

What are the dosages available?

Priligy Dapoxetine is available in two strengths: 30 mg and 60 mg. Your doctor will probably recommend the dosage of 30 mg initially and then increase if it does not work but your body tolerates. If it decides there will be 60 mg that you can take without risk of suffering from side effects. Priligy Dapoxetine should be taken 1-3 hours before sexual intercourse.

Does Priligy have any side effects?

Priligy can cause some side effects but are generally moderate. However, not everyone feels the side effects, it depends on people. Priligy is active in the body for a certain time, which reduces the chances of unpleasant side effects for hours. It is a safe and effective treatment to combat premature ejaculation. Side effects that you're most likely to experience are nausea, dizziness, headache, diarrhea or stomach pain.

Possible side effects but less common: some patients are irritable when they take this treatment, anxious, agitated or otherwise numb. Others said they had difficulty getting or maintaining an erection. It is also possible that you have sweats, strange dreams, trouble sleeping or problems with constipation. Some men also report having had nasal congestion, an increase in blood pressure, difficulty concentrating, tremors, decreased libido, ringing in the ears, impaired vision, indigestion, or dry mouth.

The following side effects are uncommon and affect less than 1 in 100. Some men said they had experienced changes in mood after taking Priligy, feeling excited or paranoid. Others mentioned irregular heartbeat, accelerated heart rate, feelings of confusion, loss of sexual desire, difficulty reaching orgasm, fatigue, hot flashes, nervousness abnormal problems vision, dilated pupils or dizziness.

Precautions before starting treatment with Priligy

Never take more than one dose of Priligy dapoxetine every 24 hours. Never change dosage without consulting your doctor. Do not drink alcohol while taking Priligy because it can enhance the effects of alcohol, giving dizziness and reduced reflexes. You are very likely to faint if you drink alcohol after taking a Priligy tablet.

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Swallow one tablet Priligy about 1 hour before sex to further extend them then. Notice that you can more easily delay the time you reach orgasm, and make the pleasure last a lot longer during penetration.

Please note that if you want to buy Priligy for the first time on our site, you will be authorized to order the lower dosage: the Priligy 30mg. This is advised by our doctor to start treatment. But next time you can order the 60mg dosage.

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