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Through our customer service you can order all the listed drugs without a prescription from the doctor. You a prescription based on the health information is issued. This service is included in the price.

For example if you want to order viagra or levitra about us, you're probably wondering, among other things, whether you need a prescription. The answer to this question is yes, but ... Since this is all about original EU drugs are, and these are available on prescription, you obviously require a prescription if you want to order these drugs with us. The "but" comes about because you do not need a prescription from your doctor. You must consult them and thus can not avoid having to talk about the often somewhat vexed issue of impotence, obesity etc..

The recipe you get, if the indication is given, issued after review by one of the doctors with whom we work. The doctor evaluates your answers you have given in the order in the form of the health questionnaire on various issues. Is evident from these responses that you have an indication for the requested medication is given, and otherwise there is no objection, the recipe for you is issued.

This action of the recipe exhibition is of course perfectly legal, since it is for doctors to "normal", approved in the EU doctors. Due to this fact, that you need such a recipe, you can differentiate our offering by the way by some dubious offers for which no prescription to obtain Viagra or other prescription drugs is actually called for. With such dubious offers you receive namely often "adulterated" or ineffective means that you should avoid in any case!