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Patient Responsibility

  1. I am of age and in full possession of my mental faculties, fully competent and 18 years of age or older.

  2. Me the receipt of treatment / medication according to the laws of my country is allowed. The requested medication is intended for me personally.

  3. I, the patient / the patient had, I recently underwent a physical examination by a resident with me and reach me by doctors. I agree, this visit for further necessary consequence care in the event possible complications or questions. I am aware that I can contact the prescribing physician and the supplying pharmacy.

  4. I was also informed by trained health personnel and fully understand the risks, benefits and possible side effects of prescribed medications. I was kept informed about the ordered medication in print media or on the Internet extensively.

  5. I also confirm that they have desired of me medication previously taken under medical supervision. Should I have taken the required medication never before, I acknowledge that I have received no counter to Recommendation bezüglicher the desired medication from me by a doctor.

  6. By submitting this medical questionnaire, I agree that the exhibitors of the recipe austellt this instead of my local doctor. The issuer of the recipe but will not replace my own doctor. With my request, I allow the Ausstelles the recipe instruct the licensed pharmacy contract with the delivery of prescription drugs.

  7. I order the prescription drugs solely for my personal use and will not disclose any medications to third parties.

  8. I will immediately consult my doctor if by taking the drugs should be complications or problems of any kind.

  9. I hereby take any other medications without the prior consent of my doctor or pharmacist. I will inform them about all the medicines I take at this time, including the ordered Viagra Order in Switzerland.

  10. I confirm my blood pressure measured at least once every 14 days. If my blood pressure higher than 140/90 (either the first value is greater than 140 or the second value isthöher than 90), I'm going to stop taking the medication immediately.

  11. The use of credit cards, which I will use to pay if my order has been checked and confirmed, I allowed by law.

  12. I confirm that I have answered all questions truthfully and medical portrayed truthfully have my health, as I have also given my GP over. I have given any information of my current state of health and my medical history completely.

  13. I am aware that in addition to the desired effects with any medication also risks. I certify that I have fully informed about possible effects, risks and benefits of this medication. I also confirm that I subject myself recently and periodic health examinations. I have been offered ranging from information and understandable information that it had received an onsite consulting a family doctor comparable.