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Norethisterone 5 mg, containing the active ingredient norethisterone, is a hormonal treatment that can reject the onset of menstruation. Therefore, the Norethisterone 5mg is a short-term treatment indicated for women who want to plan and delay the menstrual cycle so as not to give up a special event or a holiday in total comfort and convenience. Clinical studies have shown that Norethisterone 5mg:

  • Allows you to delay the menstrual cycle up to 2 weeks
  • Effectively treats endometriosis and menstrual disorders
  • Relieves premenstrual and menstrual pain

Norethisterone 5mg what is it and how does it work?

Norethisterone 5mg is a prescription hormonal treatment indicated for women who need to delay the menstrual cycle. Norethisterone 5 mg is a synthetic progestin similar to that produced naturally by the woman who acts on the uterine lining so that you can delay your period for up to two weeks.

Norethisterone 5 mg hormone treatment, indicated to delay the menstrual cycle, so does the level of progesterone in the body is kept up and inhibit the relaxation of the uterine lining (which menstruation occurs).

What are the advantages of taking Norethisterone 5 mg?

One of the main advantages of Norethisterone 5 mg is to allow women to delay the menstrual cycle when it occurs in situations not appropriate. Until recently it was used of the "tricks" more or less valid to delay the menstrual cycle, but with Norethisterone 5 mg is now possible to use a hormonal treatment aimed to delay the cycle.

However, the possibility of delaying the menstrual cycle is not the only advantage of Norethisterone 5 mg, as studies have shown that this prescription drug is also effective in the treatment of menstrual disorders, endometriosis and premenstrual and menstrual symptoms.

Finally Norethisterone 5 mg in some cases proves to be a great help for women in advanced stages of breast cancer, significantly relieving symptoms and discomfort.

Who can take Norethisterone 5 mg?

Norethisterone 5 mg may be taken by healthy women aged 18 years and require a valid and targeted treatment to delay the menstrual cycle.

Who can not take Norethisterone 5 mg?

Taking Norethisterone 5 mg is contraindicated if you are allergic to the active ingredient norethisterone, if you are pregnant or you think you are pregnant or if you are breast-feeding.

Norethisterone 5 mg should not be taken by women using any contraceptive ormonale.Se you want to perform an online consultation on MyHealthCareDoc is good to report in the medical questionnaire the possible recruitment of regular hormonal contraception, not failing to specify the type of contraception and how long it takes.

It is also not advisable to take Norethisterone 5 mg if you have or had cancer of the cervix, genitals, breast or ovarian cancer, if you have liver problems, abnormal vaginal bleeding, jaundice, genital herpes during the period of pregnancy, or if you are suffering from serious diseases arterioseo if there was a thrombosis.

Norethisterone 5 mg is taken as?

Norethisterone 5 mg is a hormonal treatment that can be taken in quantity and different time periods depending on the type of need or condition to be treated.

If Norethisterone 5 mg is used as a treatment to delay the menstrual cycle is necessary to take 3 tablets a day 2 / 3 days before the menstrual cycle. Generally, the menstrual cycle will reappear after a few days of stopping the taking of Norethisterone tablets. Remember, however, that the Mother House taking Norethisterone 5 mg tablets to delay the menstrual cycle should not exceed two weeks.

If Norethisterone 5 mg is used for other purposes than to delay your menstrual cycle you will need a medical consultation to better define the timing and modes of administration of farmco.

How can I purchase Norethisterone 5 mg online?

Buy Norethisterone 5 mg online is simple, safe and practical way with MyHealthCareDoc, simply complete an online consultation during the order process. Following one of our qualified physicians will evaluate the suitability of taking Norethisterone 5mg and if there are contraindications make a prescription necessary to purchase Norethisterone 5 mg, and send it to one of our trusted pharmacies. The dispatch of Norethisterone 5 mg hormone treatment is included in the price (if you purchase by credit card or bank transfer) and delivery takes place in only 24/48 hours.

Norethisterone 5mg is a synthetic version of progesterone naturally produced by the female, taken two days before the menstrual cycle, affects the lining of the womb to delay the menstrual cycle up to a maximum of two weeks.

On MyHealthCareDoc you can purchase Norethisterone 5mg to delay the menstrual cycle in safety and convenience. Try it yourself feel free to feel, how and when you want, with Norethisterone 5mg.

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