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Micronor is a mini-pill. This is a once-daily oral contraceptive that provides contraceptive protection for almost 100%. The mini-pill does not contain estrogen, only artificial progesterone, making it a safer contraceptive pill for women who smoke, breastfeeding or have a history of heart.

The active agent is noresthisterone Micronor (350 moicrograms) is an artificial form of progesterone, which provides a double protection contraceptive.

Micronor pill is an alternative and is often prescribed to women who are likely to experience side effects after taking natural or artificial estrogen.

What are the benefits of the pill Micronor?

Micronor provides you with immediate contraceptive protection if you take it just after ovulation, the first day of your period. The mini-pills Micronor as more suitable for breastfeeding women, who smoke, have a history of heart disease or who have hypetension when taking the classic pill.

How does it work?

Micronor contraceptive pill has a double action to prevent pregnancy. The artificial progesterone enhance the cervical mucus which prevents sperm from passing through. Micronor also affects the lining of the uterus so that eggs can not attach to it.

Who can take Micronor?

You can buy Micronor if you are over 18 years and if you do not have some medical history. The background questions are: cancer, diseases of the times and unexplained vaginal bleeding. Micronor is cons-indicated if you are pregnant or if you think you are pregnant. It is important to mention the free medical questionnaire as much detail as possible about your health and the treatment you follow.

What is the dosage of Micronor?

Unlike the conventional pill, Micronor pills are taken during the 28 days of the menstrual cycle. Micronor has a simple calendar that lets you know if you took the pill. For maximum effectiveness, Micronor pills are must taken at the same time each day with a maximum deviation of 3 hours.

What are the side effects?

Like traditional pill, Micronor may cause side effects in some people. It depends on your tolerance to the ingredients of this solution contraceptive. Some women experience side effects only for a period of adjustment. If side effects are too bothersome, it is advisable to use another contraceptive. The most common side effects are headaches, migraines, nausea, weight gain and increased libido.

How to buy the mini Micronor online?

You can buy Micronor pills here at MyHealthCareDoc. Our ordering process is simple and secure. You'll just have to fill out a free online medical questionnaire. This questionnaire will be evaluated by one of our doctors will determine whether the treatment is right for you. If your order is approved, the treatment will be sent by our pharmacy and delivered promptly.

MyHealthCareDoc sells a wide range of oral contraceptives. Visit our page on contraceptive pills for more information.

You can buy Micronor online. You just need to fill out a free online medical questionnaire. This questionnaire will be evaluated by a doctor who will issue a prescription if the drug is right choice for you.

Once approved, the prescription is sent by our pharmacy for delivery as soon as possible.

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