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Mercilon contraceptive pill is effective for daily use is capable of preventing any pregnancies to 99.9%. The Mercilon contraceptive pill contains (progestin and estrogen) the same active contained in the Marvelon contraceptive pill , but with a lower dosage of estrogen artificial, which means that Mercilon contraceptive pill may be an alternative for women who are intolerant of high dose of estrogen.

Mercilon is an excellent choice not only for women who are intolerant of high doses of estrogen, but also for women with other contraceptive pills, have experienced excessive weight gain or water retention. Clinical studies have shown that taking Mercilon for a long term leads to an appreciable reduction in body weight in women treated with this type of contraception.

About Mercilon?

Mercilon combined contraceptive pill is effective for daily use that can prevent any unwanted pregnancies to 99.9%. The active ingredients in Mercilon birth control pills are ethinyl estradiol (20 mg) and desogestrel (150 mg) and that is why the pill Mercilon is defined as the combined contraceptive pill broad range.

Mercilon contraceptive pill: what are its advantages?

The first advantage of Mercilon contraceptive pill is to have immediate effect equal to 99.9% if taken during the first day of the menstrual cycle. But Mercilon the contraceptive pill, containing a low dose of estrogen, has many other advantages. For example Mercilon is the ideal alternative to Marvelon contraceptive pill and more generally to all those contraceptive pills to provide a high dosage of estrogen (desogestrel).

Mercilon contraceptive pill is also capable of relieving menstrual cramps that occur before and during the cycle, bringing considerable benefits from a physical point of view. Finally, the pill Mercilon is particularly good compared to other contraceptive pills, does not involve any increase in weight or increase water retention.

How does Mercilon contraceptive pill works as birth control?

The Mercilon contraceptive pill in preventing pregnancy works using two active ingredients, or estrogen and progestin artificial. Mercilon prevents ovulation so that the egg is not released for fertilization. As an additional precautionary measure, Mercilon contraceptive pill, and hormones contained in it, to prevent sperm from entering the uterus and in the thickening of the cervical mucus making it impossible for fertilization by the sperm.

Who can take Mercilon contraceptive pill?

The majority of women over the age of 18 can use Mercilon contraceptive pill purposes in order to avoid any risk of pregnancy.

They should be sure to be suitable for taking Mercilon contraceptive pill before deciding to purchase this contraceptive pill. This can be done through the online free consultation with one of our qualified doctors, who will assess the medical condition of the patient who wishes to purchase and take Mercilon as birth control pills.

Mercilon: those who can not take this contraceptive pill?

You should consider the appropriate use of Mercilon birth control pills if you are pregnant, nursing or if you think you are pregnant. Mercilon as a drug to all intents and purposes, as well as birth control pills should not be used in case of liver problems, kidney failure, cardiovascular disease, heart attack and stroke.

Mercilon contraceptive pill is also not recommended if you are allergic or intolerant to one of the active ingredients contained in it (desogestrel and ethinyl estradiol).

The Mercilon contraceptive pill should be taken as?

The Mercilon contraceptive pill is taken without food for 21 days followed by 7 days during which a withdrawal bleeding occurs (similar to menstruation).

For a complete and effective protection against pregnancy, the Mercilon contraceptive pill should be taken almost at the same time taking in the order indicated on the blister containing the tablets.

Mercilon the contraceptive pill, if taken during the first day of menstrual cycle, provides immediate contraceptive protection. However Mercilon can also be taken within 5 days of the menstrual cycle, but in that case you will need to take other precautions, in addition to birth control pills for at least a week.

Mercilon contraceptive pill: what are its side effects?

Like most prescription medications, including Mercilon birth control pills can cause side effects in women intolerant to one of the active ingredients contained in it. However, side effects are generally mild and Mercilon include nausea, breast tenderness, mood swings and spotting. These side effects tend to disappear within a short time.

Mercilon the contraceptive pill can be purchased online?

You can buy Mercilon contraceptive pill, in a practical and safe on MyHealthCareDoc. After choosing a birth control pill is best for your needs, simply complete an online consultation so that our doctor can assess the suitability to the drug.

Approved the purchase request the doctor will issue the prescription, which in turn will be sent directly to one of our pharmacies regularly recorded. Will then be the same pharmacy to provide for the delivery of contraceptive pill request, using the Royal Mail courier for delivery within 24 hours.

Mercilon contraceptive pill , in addition to providing immediate protection against the risk of pregnancy and to avoid weight gain and water retention, is particularly suitable for women suffering from premenstrual syndrome as it helps relieve the painful symptoms that often menstrual cycle involves.

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