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Dianette is a contraceptive pill to almost 100% effective in preventing the risk of pregnancy. It must be taken during the first 21 days and is a birth control pills available safest. If you choose to buy Dianette, you will not have to worry about additional measures to protect against the risk of pregnancy.

In addition to being a sure way to prevent pregnancy, the Dianette pill is also an effective treatment against acne and hirsutism (excessive hair) in women.

The Dianette pill contains progestin and estrogen artificial. The main active ingredients of the Dianette pill are cyproterone acetate 2 mg and ethinyl estradiol 35 micrograms, which act in three different ways to better prevent and comibnées pregnancy. This pill has an anti-androgen that explains its effectiveness in treating acne and unwanted hair growth.

Buy Dianette to get there advantages?

Dianette contraceptive pill will give you all the pills as a contraceptive coverage immediately when it is taken on the first day of your cycle. The pill is taken once a day, making it a very convenient way to protect against pregnancy. The active agents present in the oral contraceptives have an anti-androgen and enable women to effectively treat acne and excessive hair.

How does Dianette contraceptive pill works?

Dianette birth control pills contain both estrogen and progestin artificial. These hormones act in a natural way to fool your body that ovulation has already occurred, so that your body does not prepare to receive the egg. In other words, your egg is never released and your uterine lining does not thicken to receive it. Conversely, thickens cervical mucus so that sperm can not enter the uterus.

How can I use Dianette contraceptive pill?

The Dianette pill is generally effective immediately if you begin to take on the first day of your cycle. You can also start on the fifth day of bleeding, but you will have to wait seven days before being fully protected. Dianette birth control pills should be taken on the first 21 days of your 28-day cycle. You will keep full protection during the seven days following, during your "rules". During this pause of seven days, you can have bleeding similar to your traditional rules, known as "withdrawal bleeding". Buy Dianette is no longer live your period as usual, more like you ovulating, you will not experience as much pain and discomfort.

Can I buy Dianette?

You can buy Dianette online after completing our medical consultation, if you are over the age of 18 years and if you want to use Dianette for contraceptive purposes.

Who should not buy Dianette?

You should not buy Dianette if you are pregnant or think, as well as breastfeeding. In addition, it will not be recommended to take this pill if you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, history of stroke, circulation problems or if you are a smoker over 35 years.

What are the side effects of Dianette contraceptive pill?

Buy Dianette can cause side effects in women too sensitive active agents (cyproterone acetate and ethinyl estradiol). However, these effects are generally mild and pass quickly, as soon as your body adjusts to the hormones. If any side effects do not disappear, you are advised to try a different pill. The most common side effects of Dianette include changes in menstrual bleeding, headaches, stomach aches, nausea, hyper-breast tenderness, weight changes and decreased libido.

Is it possible to buy Dianette online?

You can buy Dianette online after completing a free confidential consultation medical form. Our doctors will be able to ensure that the drug is safe for your health, depending on your medical history filled in the questionnaire. Once your consultation is approved, an order will be prescribed and transmitted to the pharmacy. A pharmacist will check itself your treatment before it is shipped by Royal Mail in 24/48. No payment will be charged if our doctor refuses treatment.

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